If You Want To Help The Planet And Acquire An Energy-Efficient Home, But You´re Not A Big Corporation, With Lots Of Liquid Assets, PosiGen Has Your Back

Companies, whether entrenched institutions, or burgeoning start-ups, have caught on. Sustainability isn’t just a catchy term. It’s a must. Media-aware citizens have come to see that consumer waste creates environmental consequences. Earth’s climate change and social climate change have allied to create the perfect window for solar power and solar power companies (Nola).    It’s your moment too. You believe […]

Tim Murawski and Augmedics Company

President and Chief Commercial Officer Tim Murawski is a specialist in medical robotics. Graduating from Western Illinois University, he used his degree to help pave the way in the medical and health field by developing, engineering, and managing new leads on robotic technology. In addition to his achievements in robotic technology, Tim Murawski has been given much recognition for commercializing […]