Alfons Hormann has been the German Olympic Sports Confederation President since 2013, December before he resigned. Before that, he was the President of the German Ski Association from 2005 to 2013. The sports official established that sports and swimming in school were alarming and complained about the administration slowing them down.

To reform sports, Alfons Hormann told the Federal Ministry of Interior officials that in 10 years, sports would be thriving since the government would not intrude and fail if the officials were involved.

Many of his associates in the sports policy agree with his analysis. One chief official merged his approval with the comment as to if someone had narrated a part of his ongoing account simultaneously. Hormann is on his final path through the republic to restrict damage on his side however, it only brings to an end things of the past.

Groups and associations have been fighting for the future of German sport for a long time behind the scenes. Many candidates want to take over the legacy of Alfons Hormann and have expressed interest in giving their skills to the search committee under the authority of Christian Wulff, the former Federal President.

The political capacity of the international and national German Olympic Sports Confederation has dramatically suffered, and an extensive repair program is needed. The relationship with the Federal Ministry of Interior officials was destroyed, and the latest sports committee highly critiqued the Sports Confederation. Anybody who wants to get public funds, political support for extensive programs, and oppose the threat to the country’s freedom in sports, should unite and show diplomatic skills.

During the Covid pandemic, the Sports Confederation had no power in fighting for the significance of club sport for the well-being of the elderly and children. Organized sport has been unsuccessful for many years in communicating the importance of school sport for children’s development in education policy.