David Schmidt, CEO of Lifewave, on the value of focusing

LifeWave’s Founder and CEO David Schmidt is a visionary in the field of human potential. In this article, he talks about the importance of focus and how it can positively impact your success. He also discusses his personal story of when he achieved a high focus to build LifeWave into today’s thriving company. Schmidt created health products to improve people’s […]

Interview with David Schmidt: The LifeWave Story, the Science Behind It, and How it's Changed My Life

LifeWave has a mission to make the world’s most innovative visual communication system available to anyone, anywhere with a smartphone or computer. David Schmidt’s team is working to give consumers the power to communicate with loved ones faster and at a lower cost. Through the LifeWave app, users can record audio messages or video diatribes to send to each other, […]