Hurley Development President, Ryan Hurley

Hurley Development, with headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, is led by Ryan Hurley. To give life, Hurley Development was founded. The development firm is committed to changing the look of Vancouver while also establishing new benchmarks for successful, astute, and environmentally responsible commercial real estate. When Ryan Hurley first started his career, he worked at Hinton Development Agency, where he was […]

Crest Resources has Appointed Jonas Lauren Norr to the Board of Directors

Crest Resources Company Portfolio Crest Resources Company is a natural resource company-focused investment company with a high-quality portfolio of resource development and mining-related technology companies. The company invests in companies that are leaders in developing new and innovative technologies for the extraction and processing of natural resources. Crest’s focus on technology allows it to identify and invest in early-stage, high-potential […]

The Story of a Brazilian Businessman Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi

When you think of Brazil, what image comes to mind? Sun, sand, soccer, and samba, right? Or maybe the Amazon rainforest and Christ the Redeemer statue? Whether you know it or not, Brazil has a thriving business culture. Many Brazilian business people use their creativity and ingenuity to make business deals. One example is Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi. Arnaldi’s work ethic […]

Spotlight on Stronghold Engineering Inc., a Woman-Owned Construction and Design Company

When Beverly Bailey founded Stronghold Engineering Inc. in 2002, she brought more than two decades of experience in the construction and design industry. What started as a one-woman show has since grown into a thriving woman-owned business that is respected nationwide for its expertise in construction and design. Today, Stronghold Engineering Inc. employs a team of talented engineers and project […]

Mr. Cooper Mortgage Background

Mr. Cooper, previously Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc., was created in 1994 to provide servicing and originations in the American homeownership sector. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is also the parent company to Xome, which specializes in technology and data-enhanced solutions in the real estate market. By June 30, 2017, Nationstar had a significant employee base of about 7000 […]

FinTech Entrepreneur Philip Belamant Focuses Experience on Accessibility and Innovation

If you look around, it’s no secret that the modern world is becoming more and more digital. Companies are moving towards a more digital setup, from customer support to software development. And for a good reason — this transformation will help the global economy grow faster, with more jobs and fewer carbon emissions. This doesn’t only apply to small businesses […]

 Activision blizzard new gaming league

Activision blizzard has not only pioneered the gaming industry in the creation of games but also supports esports through creation of gaming competitions and leagues, and the new 2022 league is here. The league is expected to kickstart in may 2022 with major pro games scheduled to be played. The new Activision Blizzard gaming league is expected to debut in […]

Yubo's first NFT collection and what this means for Gen-Z

The social platform with over 60 million users will be releasing its very first NFT collection the “Rando’s” this year in late April. With Yubo’s new “socialize and earn concept” The collection has 10,000 pieces of Art and gives its users more ownership. Yubo will be the only app that allows Gen-Z to have a real sense of ownership. After […]

Entrepreneur Richard Liu

In 2004, Richard Liu established Jingdong, and 360buy Ltd, which later changed to JD.Com. Richard is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm. Liu Qiangdong was born and raised in Chang’an, a small village located outside the city of Suquin in the Jiangsu Province of China. When growing up, Liu did not have the opportunity to use […]

 Microsoft Announces The Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a leading video game and entertainment company. With this acquisition, Microsoft will gain access to a library of highly skilled developers, broadcasters, and marketers who can help develop new games for Windows 10 and Xbox One. This acquisition is part of Microsoft’s strategy to become the leading provider of gaming services to most […]