Luke Lazarus is an entrepreneur and proprietor of a consultancy business based in Australia.

Rather than retiring, Lazarus utilized his fortune to aid struggling company owners and entrepreneurs.

This is how, more than two decades ago, he founded and operates Luke Lazarus Consulting in Sydney.

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Since he was a child, Lazarus has had business acumen.

At the age of eight, he became a company owner for the first time and continued to do so until he completed high school.

As a high school student, Luke Lazarus earned a near-perfect 4.0-grade average.

After Lazarus graduated from high school, he was courted by schools around Australia and even in the United States.

At Melbourne Business School, Lazarus got a Master of Business Education degree (MBA).

Multiple employment offers were rejected because of his desire to pursue the company ideas he was so passionate about.

When Lazarus was a student, and a company owner, an essential point he learned was that investors need to be aggressive to achieve their goals before they join the competitive marketplace.

He’s told tens of thousands of people the same thing.

Lazarus is known in the Melbourne and Sydney business worlds as a specialist who is open and honest but also caring and very effective at the same time.

Upon interacting with customers to find the best business model, he tells them to forget about their fears about making a profit from investment firms and angel investors.

Lazarus employs an acquisition strategy to help his consulting group customers acquire investors ready to support an unknown startup, ensuring the maximum potential value for their company.

He emphasizes the importance of advertising and how it enables his clients to begin collecting cash soon after they open their doors.

Lazarus also deals with failing firms to figure out why they are not succeeding and use his tried-and-true tactics to turn them around.

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