Dr. Venus Nicolino is a media personality, author, and professional counselor. She took the path not taken by others, from her life in West Philly with seven people living in a 600-square-foot apartment to her Ph.D. earned through hard work and self-help. Family therapist and professional counselor Dr. Venus Nicolino can never be mistaken for unengaged or comfortable as she accepts real people’s problems and shares her advice.


Dr. Venus Nicolino is a clinical psychologist and she finds herself at the forefront of mental health on many popular platforms, like social media, television, radio, and print. The Tea with Dr. V podcast bridges a warm and friendly connection to those struggling against mental illness. Digitally, you can now tune in for her remarkable advice on her podcast, where she uses her approachable warmth to support people from all walks of life.


Dr. V has created an alternative with “Bad Advice” that challenges today’s mainstream ideals for anyone tired of the self-help books found in stores. Dr. Venus Nicolino lays out some of the bad advice’s most damaging truisms and explores strategies for true transformation by examining how to tap into one’s full potential every day instead of just at a gym.


On WE tv, Bravo, and her popular podcast, The Tea with Dr. V, doctor of clinical psychology and how-to human scholar Dr. Venus Nicolino, takes a blowtorch to bad advice. When you’re heartbroken, you hear the terrible advice: You can’t love someone until you love yourself. When you feel hurt, lousy advice tells you that nobody can make you feel bad without your permission. 


For patients is a prescribed Bestseller. Is easy to read and specialized counseling. Bad advice when you’re just a little too optimistic is that expectations lead to disappointment. Or how about when you’re struggling with self-doubt? As Dr. Venus Nicolino states: Just be yourself! Don’t know what to do with your life? There’s even bad advice for that, too: Follow your bliss!


Inside Bad Advice, the book offers advice backed by researched data and quotes from renowned scientists and told with flexibility that empowers readers to operate in the real world. This, Dr. Venus Nicolino finally adds, rather than in a make-believe universe where everything falls into place just by following some standard protocol.