Damien Granderson is the man for those looking for a Beverly Hills and New York-based lawyer. He is best known for helping high-net-worth individuals and families with their estate planning and wealth preservation matters. Damien Granderson represents entertainment, sports, and fashion clients, working on personal transactions, contracts, intellectual property, and business acquisitions. 


His clientele includes CEOs of Fortune 500 companies and some of the richest families in the world. Entertainment lawyer Damien Granderson is an internationally recognized wealth manager. He has worked with several high-net-worth clients and families. In addition, Damien has been asked to serve on the boards of several prominent non-profit organizations that support education, arts, cultural and civic initiatives throughout the United States.


Damien Granderson has worked on a variety of transactions for his entertainment clients, including television and film development deals with studios such as Universal Pictures. Also, he has worked production finance transactions with companies such as LStar Capital; talent representation agreements for actors like Michael B. Jordan; endorsement deals such as David Robinson’s signing with Nike.


In addition, Damien Granderson specializes in intellectual property licensing agreements involving songs recorded by artists such as Usher Raymond IV and Kanye West. Also, apparel licensing agreements involving brands like Yeezy Season Clothing Inc.; business investments into a start-up venture managed by clients like photographer Matthew Rolston; and other various types of contracts involving all types of businesses. Damien has also negotiated over 100+ employment contracts for his athletes, including those representing NBA players Shaquille O’Neal and Alonzo Mourning.


Alonzo Mourning is now retired from basketball but still earns a lucrative income from endorsement deals. But Damien Granderson goes far beyond. He also negotiated sponsorship deals between companies like Sprite (a Coca-Cola Company) that use celebrity spokespeople/brand ambassadors to promote their products or services through advertisements or appearances at events or endorsements made by celebrities wearing clothes/accessories sold under license by these companies’ subsidiaries which helps increase sales volume worldwide due to increased exposure among consumers who will then purchase more products sold under license by said subsidiaries.