Companies, whether entrenched institutions, or burgeoning start-ups, have caught on. Sustainability isn’t just a catchy term. It’s a must. Media-aware citizens have come to see that consumer waste creates environmental consequences. Earth’s climate change and social climate change have allied to create the perfect window for solar power and solar power companies (Nola). 


It’s your moment too. You believe in recycling and saving the planet. You want to create a more energy-efficient home. But, you’re not a big corporation with a bank sheet full of disposable cash. You wonder if you can really afford solar energy, just like the big boys. PosiGen gives the chance for every type of family in America. Is there an alternative energy company that will look past your FICO score and give you a hand and an energy efficient home? Yes. There is. PosiGen, the alternative energy company with a social consciousness, has your back. After a decade, PosiGen has installed thousands of successful systems. But, what’s far more unique and relevant is where. Rectifying social imbalance has been a goal from day one. 


With that in mind, PosiGen has always looked to aid lower income communities. Nearly 80% of their installs have been in areas where census numbers show low income norms. You don’t have to be a corporation with a vast legal, technical and environmental team either. PosiGen efficiently gathers permits, authorizations and all other needed paperwork, both ahead of and throughout the job. Moreover, the company’s technicians track your residence’s solar data for you, both prior to installation and afterwards. 


This outstanding customer service lets you assess what you can expect to save before you literally nail down your commitment. After your residence gets its solar makeover, including quality solar energy system products made from recognized industry leaders, the system gets tracked with a specialized meter. Notifications are sent should system issues occur due to their installation and maintenance guarantee. Payment is just as hassle-free. With PosiGen you have the option of buying your new system outright, with a full 12 years of monitoring included. There’s also a leasing program. It’s popular with many buyers. Installs, monitoring and financing are included with both packages. The affordable monthly installment plans also include system upgrades.