How Dick DeVos Shows Education Is Important To Him

Donating $139 is not something that you hear of people doing every day, but that is exactly what Dick DeVos has done. Over the course of his life, alongside his wife Betsey DeVos, Dick DeVos has donated almost $139 to different charities and philanthropic endeavors.


Over the years, although the married couple has given to many different charities, shows how important education is to them through their giving. In the years 2015 over 25% of their donations went to educational based charities. They have but education as one of the top priorities in their life and hope that it shows through all of their giving. Dick DeVos hopes that with his giving kids born in all areas of the country has access to an education that can help them succeed and life the American Dream.


Dick DeVos believes in creating a learning environment that caters to all children and their learning styles. He believes that the traditional methods of teaching can neglect kids who do not learn in ways that the mass majority of the children in their class do. Although he has belief in teachers and respects what they do, Dick DeVos believes more can be accomplished to create a system in which they can help every child.


Dick DeVos has led a very successful life and career which has allowed him to be able to give so generously. His career history has been full of greatness. From 1984-1990 he was the vice president of Amway Corporation. Then in the early 90’s he has the president and the CEO of the same corporation until 1993 when he become just the president of Amway Corporation, which he stayed the president until 2002. He then went on to become the president of yet another company, Windquest Group, where he currently remains the president.


Dick DeVos has done much more than just become the president of multiple companies. He is the founder and chairman of West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is a public high school that does not charge tuition. He is also the vice-chairman of Willow Creek Association, another educational based endeavor.


It is clear through his charitable giving, as well as other aspects of his life, that education is a top priority to Dick DeVos. He has spent a large portion of his money and time on creating equal opportunities for all children in all areas of the United States. He continues to donate money in an effort to create a positive educational experience for all the people in the United States. He will continue to fight for educational opportunities and create educational resources for the people of the United States of America.


Hussein Sajwani; Investing As A family

Most families have developed rivalry because of wealth. It is popular that the children serve their parents in old age in most families because they feel obligated to them. This is a way of paying back because their parents brought them up. The Hussein Sajwani family is different. The Hussain Sajwani family has adopted a different method of developing wealth.

The parents have left behind wealth creating avenues for their children to grow them and create wealth instead of the children serving their parents. The Hussein Sajwani family is an indication of people who have made up their mind to create wealth from one generation to another.

The family of Hussein Sajwain has developed wealth through the food business and the real estate business. The family has lately concentrated on the real estate business. The family was in charge of providing food for the US army during the period of war.

The tension of the conflict of interest between the United States and Iraq has not affected the company. It developed business relations to promote its growth. This shows that the company’s interest is purely business. These policies facilitate the group to be established and improve economically. This creates a large influence for the enterprise.

The family has a company called Damac Group in the real estate business. This company has specialized in providing real estate solution for the wealthy people in the society. Learn more about DAMAC owner:

The enterprise has developed different solutions for the high-end market by providing luxurious buildings. The company has developed luxurious entertainment features targeted towards the wealthy individuals in the society in conjunction with global market influencers in the real estate business.

Damac Group has close working relationship with the Trump Foundation to facilitate the development of the real estate group globally. Sajwani is also a Damac owner. The relationship facilitate the achievement of the different goals of the company. This is an indicator of the various policies that are generated by the business to facilitate growth. Read more: Hussain Sajwani Family | Celeb Family

The company is currently developing golf facilities targeting the rich people together with the Trump Foundation. The two tycoons have a close relationship. Donald Trump recently gave his new year’s eve speech in one of the luxurious hotels of the Damac Group.

The foundation develops different strategies to work with the society. The company recently donated millions of dollars towards helping needy children in the community. This enables the creation of a conducive environment for the society and the firm.