For Unicorn Eyes Only

For those women or men who loves to be decorated in colors, Doe Deere has the best online shopping website for your fashion statements. This Russian woman has found her success through her music and cosmetology passion. Upon arriving to the United States, she pursued her dream of becoming an entrepreneur and launching her own brand called Lime Crime. It all started in New York City then made its way to Los Angeles best selling beauty products.


Doe Deere starts her day every morning with breakfast and a clean face. She uses her own make up brand before she heads into her office. Deere believes in a healthy night’s sleep and a good glass of water to begin her day before working. Her business has become a popular website throughout the world of cyberspace.


Her brand reaches out to her customers as a way of reinventing yourself but still remaining true to who you are. She loves to make her customers happy with sharing her beauty secrets. However, not every successful person is perfect. She has had some low moments where her company information had almost been stolen by thieves. Nevertheless she persisted and followed through with capturing the bad people.


Since her online business has soared throughout the years, she still needs to ignore the haters. She finds inspiration from other business women like Suze Oreman and Arianna Huffington to keep herself afloat.


Her dreams as a little girl of an imaginative and creative world have turned her adult world into what she has always wanted. She continued to follow her dreams and she never gave up on them. Doe Deere has become an inspiration to all women around the world to start their own business that could also leave an impact to the future’s artists.


Doe Deere encourages others to embrace their weirdness and criticism. To her, an open mind can help business expand and give more value to the company. Also, her employees are important to her while also having a good time in the office.


Overall, LimeCrime is the site to see when searching for that next look which will turn heads on the street. Whether that is a hair color, lipstick, or nail polish, LimeCrime has the best vibrant colors for your next party or spa with the girls. LimeCrime offers products for customers to let out their inner unicorn, if you know what I mean.


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