Betsy DeVos Advocates for Education Reforms in America

The name Betsy DeVos is often associated with education and its reforms. For years, the hard-working woman has been giving back to the society through advocating for societal education reforms. Often has Betsy been linked to donating over $ 10 million towards the development of modern education system. For Betsy DeVos, it all lies in the ability to change a child’s life.


The onset of education reforms


This is how it began. Betsy had just dropped her children off to school when she realized that not every student had the luxury to enjoy a good education system. In fact, most students were suffering according to her. Betsy was keen on the school syllabus. She noted that most students were locked out of exams because they could not afford school fees. That is how she delved into the development of education reforms. Well, so far, she has been successful at injecting the transformation in the system.


Leadership in college


Betsy DeVos has been a leader since college. Her character better defines her as a lady who believes that the society should be advocating for reforms. Betsy led students in college. She was a student politician and reformist who ensured that students received the best the university could offer. With the challenges that the college posed, Betsy was still in a position to chair reforms. She ensured that students received their loans on time. She also worked on making sure that the same students had better learning environment.


Her Charity Works


For Betsy DeVos, working for Americans in various transformative levels has been a calling. She chaired multiple campaigns at Calvin College. That was the onset of her journey in reforms. Remaining active since then, Betsy has held multiple, senior positions in various capacities. For over 30 years, DeVos has been chairing campaigns, party organizations, political action and committees. Her involvement in these campaigns is a direct reflection of her beliefs and values.


Her Contribution

Betsy Devos holds close to the belief that there must be solutions to societal problems. With education being the first choice on her list, she has always ensured that scholars receive some of the best opportunities the world has to offer. Betsy is highly linked to politics as well. However, she has given more to education than to politics. Betsy works closely with like-minded individuals who are all about developing the world. She uses her skills, resources and talent to come up with innovative solutions for societal problems.


The conclusion


Perhaps most importantly, DeVos seeks to pursue different platforms of developmental foundations with a keen eye on bringing change. Her charitable interests have seen her donating over $ 10 billion to different schools. DeVos has since landed a position as the secretary of education in the government. It is her hope and that of many Americans that she continues to work with the government to develop better platforms for scholars.


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