A Short Biography of Sahm Adranji

What Is The Background Of Sahm Adranji?

He worked in the financial sector for his whole career. While he is currently self-employed, he used to work for Chanin Capital Partners. Then, he became an analyst for Longacre Fund Managment.


What Business Does He Have?

He owns a major investment firm, called Kerrisdale Capital. Not only is he the company’s CEO, but he’s also its founder. His company helps clients make many kinds of investments, such as the following:

  • Alternative investments
  • Investments in major stocks
  • Investments in small companies
  • Hedge funds

While people from all backgrounds can benefit from the investment services of Kerrisdale Capital, the company’s services are particularly effective for those on a fixed income. Sahm Adrangi helps investors research companies that they aren’t familiar with. While his company offers services to people located all over the world, Sam Adranji currently lives in New York City.

Kerrisdale Capital had a million dollars in its accounts when it was founded. However, the company currently has more than 150 million dollars, and Kerrisdale Capital continues to grow, and resume him.


Sahm Adranji Has Warned The Public About Unscrupulous Companies:

After Sahm Adranji alerted the public and the SEC about the unethical and illegal actions of these corporations, the SEC took action against them. These are some of the companies that he warned the public about:

  • China Biotics
  • The China Education Alliance


Sahm Adranji Has Published Research:

The research that he published has helped other investors to become more successful. He specializes in short selling and researching companies that clients invest in. He feels strongly that investors should gather as much information as they can about a company before making an investment, and more information click here.

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