Talk Fusion and its Quest for Advanced Technology

Advancement in technology has continued to revolutionize the way meetings are held in the offices. Today, you no longer need to be in the same room to hold conferences. Recently, Talk Fusion founder Bob Reina introduced an advanced, new, and improved edition of Live Meetings. During a live broadcast, Bob Reina highlighted the significant advancement in the latest software. It comes with an updated interface and utilizes WebRTC system. The software allows for the transmission of one-way videos and enables video-based conferences to take place. With the Live Meetings, you can have a maximum of 500 participants and 15 hosts. It’s designed to work in tablets, smartphones, and PCs.


The software utilizes a new technology that requires no extra plug-in software. Talk Fusion continues to advance its software by adopting new technologies. They have adopted new promotional techniques that ensure they remain competitive in the market and attract more users. According to Bob Reina, there is hardly any software that can match the value of WebRTC better than Live Meetings. Additionally, he added that they are working towards incorporating the system into every Talk Fusion software. WebRTC can benefit marketing professionals and computer users. The software allows for improved audio and video communication. In a statement made by the company CTO, the software improves efficiency by eliminating hassles. Additionally, it removes the need of plug-in downloads.
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Among the advantages of this new software include a sharp video and impressively clear audio. The user interface is such that it enhances the user experience and simplifies its use. Users of the software are guaranteed maximum security. The system eliminates echoes and distortion. Additionally, the host has the ‘waiting rooms’ feature that allows them to test the system before a presentation. With this advancement, Talk Fusion becomes the only company of its type to facilitate WebRTC conferences with a capacity of over 500 attendees. Talk Fusion remains dedicated to providing software and technology of superior levels.


Bob Reina is a graduate of the University of South Florida. After his studies, he joined the police force after graduating with a prestigious Award of Merit from Tampa Police Academy. During his time at the police department, Reina work involved patrol and crimes against persons and property. He would then engage in part-time network marketing while still working as an officer.


According to Bob Reina, it takes commitment and discipline to succeed in life. An entrepreneurial itch has contributed to his successful career. Once in a while, he brings his pets to the office. No wonder, he dedicates his free time to philanthropy. Bob Reina is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion.

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