Currently located in San Diego, CA., Jason Hughes is a successful realty businessman. He is also the owner, chairman, and CEO of Hughes Marino, born with one purpose: to offer buyers and tenants the representation they deserve. Before discussing his business, Hughes Marino, let’s first see how and where it all began.

Jason Hughes started working as a tenant representative for the Cushman & Wakefield located in century city in Los Angeles in the 1980s. Later, he relocated to San Diego and has ever since represented tenants from all walks of life.


These included municipal, corporate, and non-profit, in their lease and purchase negotiations. He did this for nearly three decades before establishing his own tenant representation firm, Hughes Marino, which he now runs with his wife, Shay Hughes as the president and chief operating officer COO. Jason Hughes received his first undergraduate degree, BSc. in business administration from Pepperdine University, then his master’s degree in Business Administration, tenant representation finance from the University of San Diego.


This Hughes Marino firm started in a time when most tenant representation firms represented only the landlords. Jason Hughes knew that he had to bring revolution in this industry. In their quest, his firm represented only the underdog, advocating for their rights. These companies had no say at the high-end bargaining tables going against some of the most sophisticated landlords during that time while negotiating for the same commercial space. For this reason, led by Jason Hughes, Hughes Marino is now the most appreciated and highly valued tenant and buyer representation firm in the US. It provides unrivaled expertise and support to all its clients in the country. This firm is primarily family-owned. Therefore, it doesn’t answer to shareholders.


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