Joey Feste is a wealth management executive. He started his own wealth management company, KM Capital Management in 2004. This was after he was feeling too constrained in working for Morgan Stanley. He wanted to provide more services for his client. And he could not do it within the structure of that company.

Joey Feste began his career in finance as a registered investment advisor representative. He started at Rotan Mosley which now does business as Paine Webber. This was after he graduated from the University of Texas in 1987. There he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. He later joined Morgan Stanley where he continued his financial career as an investment advisor.

At Morgan Stanley, Joey Feste was involved with managing the wealth of some professional athletes. But he had a desire to provide a wider range of services for his clients. So, in 2004 Feste launched out on his own. He started his wealth management business, KM Capital Management based in Austin, Texas. He serves as a Senior Managing Partner of his company.

With over thirty years of experience serving his clients, Joey Feste caters to their individual goals and needs. Feste and his firm help clients achieve a healthy financial life. The firm provides management of their wealth. It also gives its clients financial advice for their investments.

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