Joseph Ashford Ellis is a renowned philanthropist and businessperson based in London’s Bournemouth. He’s famous for founding the British multi-layer marketing venture K4 Global and the children support philanthropic organization The Butterfly Foundation.

What has Joseph Ashford Ellis Accomplished?

Joseph was born in a humble background which he terms as tough. When he was young, his family members died almost at the same time altering the course of his life. But he used those sad circumstances to motivate him into being what he is now. The experience taught him the value of appreciating every little thing in life.

Ashford began working for financial investment firms, where he learned so much about growing and developing businesses. He always had an innate desire to help others succeed in their careers, which led him to start a company K4 Global in 2014.

His company, based in Bournemouth, focuses on marketing consultancy for media, real estate, and technology firms. He focuses on employing tactics learned from years of working for investment firms to help steer growth and profits into other businesses through his venture. Besides, the firm helps new entrepreneurs access capital and other essentials necessary for running a business.


Joseph Ashford Ellis has always had a passion for helping others throughout his life. The desire led to him founding The Butterfly Foundation, an organization that sponsors kids suffering from Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB). After hearing of a kid living with an unusual genetic condition that affects the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin leading to boils upon friction, he began the organization.

Ashford strives to raise awareness of the condition through his organization and harmonize financial aid to the victims. His goals are to help those affected enjoy better life quality, have accessible treatment, and increase acceptance into society. So far, this organization from Bournemouth has worked with several key people to achieve these goals. Refer to this article to learn more.