Justin Halladay still has an outstanding professional career.

Justin Halladay devoted most of his professional life to working up the corporate ladder.

He has 15 years of experience in the education sector, focused on building countrywide sales and client service companies.

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After, Halladay worked for both mini businesses with less than 500 workers and major international corporations with dozens of workers.

He operated businesses in New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and his hometown of central New Jersey, among several other places.

Halladay worked in the international market Center for Morgan Stanley Dean for six years.

Following that, he worked for five years on Jacksonville Island for a small information technology business.

I attempt to balance my days amongst Faith/God, Relatives, and Work.

The days are reasonably hectic with three little children who want a lot of attention.

Because we school, we add an extra degree of completeness to the scene.

We aim to begin with a family devotional and time with Jesus every day.

After that, I usually go over for a workout to refresh my thoughts and get ready for each day.

Most of my days are spent in video conferences with program development teams and stakeholders discussing timetables and strategies; I know it seems nonsense, but believe me when I say it isn’t!

As an educator, I strive to be able to invest most of my time with the guys each day as they complete high school around 2:00 p.m.

With such a massive network, I can always associate myself with individuals who are wiser than me, as one of my leaders advised me early in my business career.

I was SMART (no pun intended) to heed this essential advice.

With that said, I have a terrific team of companions to bounce ideas off and grow them into solutions and, subsequently, products or services when they arise to me, which they frequently do.

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