Kfir Gavrieli started Tieks, and he has led it to great success. As a business leader, he identified a need in society and came up with an effective way to meet the need. He invested in women’s fashion shoes. His approach to reaching out to buyers involves a web-based only selling process. Women interested in buying high-quality fashion shoes can reach out to the online platform and order the shoes. Tieks is known to employ the latest technology in the fashion industry. There are several measures that Tieks CEO has taken to empower women in society.

CEO of Tieks

As the CEO of Tieks, he has come up with measures to help the community. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, they came up with a plan to help the healthcare workers access protective gear to help patients without fear of infection. The approach he has been using has contributed to supporting the community in different ways.

His company initiated the Operation #SewTogether campaign, which significantly impacted PPE to the healthcare workers and community at large. The campaign utilized social media as a viable tool to encourage its followers and fans to unite with the company’s staff and bring forth a myriad of face masks to vitally important healthcare workers.

Portable flat ballet fashion wear for women

Tieks focuses on manufacturing high-quality flat ballet shoes for women. Women who spend a lot of time outdoors prefer shoes that they can wear and walk around easily. The portable shoes from the company come in handy in solving their problems. They can wear them and enjoy walking outdoors comfortably.

Gavrieli Foundation

As a way of helping women at the grassroots, he started a foundation that targets giving women loans. Women in different parts of the world face changes when trying to access credit. He came up with the right measures to ensure they can access credit through advancing them loans. Visit this page to learn more.

What Makes a Hero

According to Tieks CEO. A hero is someone who puts others’ well-being in front of theirs. For example, during the pandemic, people put their lives in the line to help others who had contracted the infectious disease.


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