As the CEO and founder of Eduardo Sonodo Advisory Group, Eduard Sonodo understands the various business marketing trends and the marketing industry. Eduardo understands that for a business to sustain itself in an ever-changing competitive market; it should invest and implement automation tools that work simultaneously with the current marketing strategies and trends. Mr. Sonodo believes that the core success originates from its marketing implementation process.

According to Eduardo Sonodo, an efficient and effective marketing strategy goes beyond just advertisement and entails automating its workflow. He also states that businesses and organizations should embrace digital marketing since it is growing and expanding rapidly. Due to generational growth experienced now and then, business competition is growing rapidly as businesses try to attract more customers. However, this has become an uphill task due to the current digital disruption experienced in most industries.

Before establishing his marketing firm, Eduardo Sonodo obtained his marketing skills from years of experience working in several marketing firms. Mr. Sonodo is also a graduate of the University of East London, where he pursued a degree in Business Management. In addition, he also studied at London Marketing Academy, where he learned and polished the marketing skills that he still utilizes to date. More information here:

Additionally, Mr. Sonodo has published several business journals that entail effective approaches to take in marketing. Mr. Sonodo urges entrepreneurs to define and highlight their purpose when expediting their marketing plans. He also states that business leaders should achieve agility while marketing, especially during the current economic status. For a business to be successful, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, it should focus on making more human connections rather than just the end goal. Businesses focusing on building and creating human connections create trust with their customers or clients.