Why NumbersUSA Action? The group’s website states: When people who want to do us harm are already in this country or can travel here, they are a grave threat to the people they find here. As a nation, we cannot allow any large inflows of people unlikely to assimilate into our culture and belief system. Therefore, it is vital that our immigration policy be rational and serve the interests of our citizens, not of the migrants themselves.

NumbersUSA represents grassroots America and is an important, independent voice in the immigration debate. NumbersUSA Action will support and contribute to the re-election campaign of those congressional and statewide candidates who have supported immigration reform, the advancement of American workers, and secure borders.

NumbersUSA’s Leader – Roy Beck is the founder and executive director of NumbersUSA Action, former managing editor at the website FactCheck.org, and author of “Agenda for Change: How Immigration Reform Can Get Right.” Beck says that he has had a lifelong interest in immigration policy. He grew up in Philadelphia.

NumbersUSA opposes many forms of immigration reform but has done extensive lobbying on various immigration issues. It offers several bills at the federal and state levels to reduce immigration, which it says will raise wages for native-born workers and decrease government costs. One of the bills would create a flat-rate system for green cards. Another would withhold financial aid for certain countries and require visa applicants to pass a U.S. history and civics test.

The group works to limit immigration to help the U.S. workforce, reduce tax burden and integrate immigrants into the country. In addition, the organization sponsors the Pro-Life Visa Coalition. The coalition comprises pro-life groups and other pro-family organizations seeking to reduce the number of green cards issued every year. The coalition said these types of visas are driving up illegal immigration. NumbersUSA’s advocacy focuses on four main objectives:

  • Restricting the number of green cards issued annually.
  • Implementing a points-based immigration system.
  • Creating an annual cap on refugees instead of giving them “as many as the world can take.”
  • Increasing deportations.

The organization points out that more immigrants will likely mean higher crime rates, more congestion in urban areas, increased traffic, and a costlier government. Go to this page for more information.


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