Technology is moving very quickly these days. Shopping is no exception. Ombori is a company that wants to give the customer a great experience without any of the hassle. The company has come up with a way to do just that to the benefit of everyone. It is a mirror that can link to a phone and give consumers the deals that the want without being pestered by a person looking for a sale. This is how it works for Ombori.

This is a company that wants to focus on each individual customer and give them the best experience possible when they go shopping. It is a system called the Ombori grid and it is revolutionizing how people shop. People can look at a piece of clothing in a mirror and see how it may look on them. The customer has complete control. If they like the product they can buy it. If not, they can move on to something else that they like.

The talking mirror is just one of the new innovations in shopping today. It asks basic questions to see what the customer is looking for and gives them choices about new items. It works for the store and the customer. It can also take a selfie of the customer too. The store makes money and the customer has a fun time. That is what tit is all about for Ombori.

Another new technology is a virtual shopping assistant. It is currently being used at an airport and can scan the boarding pass to give the customer information about the flight. They can shop and wait for their flight at the same time. Technology really has come a long way in a short amount of time. That is what Ombori doesn’t waste. It is the customer’s time.