Pamela Baer is famous for her humanitarian efforts for many years. She has been doing so because public healthcare has prioritized both behavioral and mental health. Being the SFGHF director, Pam Baer has driven the capital campaigns, strategy work as well as events that finance solutions to leverage the most vulnerable group in the community.

The coronavirus pandemic and the aftermath have shone a light on various pertinent issues as well as the desire to back up public health more from different sources. The intention is to help the SFGHF and vulnerable, and the idea is still highly regarded by many. Therefore, Pam Baer’s commitment to the movement and the relevant causes still lingers.

The focused SFGHF team works for people suffering from homelessness, insurance inefficiency, poverty, immigrants, and vulnerable local communities. Since the inception of the COVID-19 pandemic, the foundation now dwells more on how socio-economic issues can impact directly on wellness and general health.

The foundation’s mission for 2021 was to anchor and finance excellence in innovation as well as patient care at the SFGHF because the focus is on improved healthcare, access, and health equity. Issues regarding mental health are gaining momentum amongst the vulnerable groups, and this together with the pandemic makes the hospital to be occupied fully, supporting the community to address the double crisis.

In 2018, Pam Baer helped in establishing and launching a behavioral and mental fund that supports and guides mental health initiatives, issues, and programs. The fund has already garnered $5 million since its beginning, and the idea is to render proper care and to depress mental health concerns.

Once the crisis hit, it demonstrated further demand for better mental health support and amenities, and now it is gaining more momentum to counter the problem. The raised funds are expected to facilitate accessibility and safety through certain programs meant to sail people through the novel coronavirus pandemic. Go to this page for more information.


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