Vijay Eswaran, in a recent post, decided to offer advice to upcoming leaders on the right pillars they should adhere to, to improve their leadership skills. There are several issues leaders have to deal with in their everyday lives. They need to have measures in place to help them deal with different issues in the leadership. For example, leaders should be ready to make decisions and own them. They should also learn delegation strategy where they can share tasks with other able employees.

Leaders care

According to Vijay Eswaran, leaders care about others. Before you assign someone a duty, it is essential to care about their abilities and interests. If a junior staff approaches you with an issue, as an able leader, you should know the right measures to employ and help them deal with different issues that affect them. Leaders who care are likely to achieve the best in running their everyday activities.

Genuine interest in others

There is a need for leaders to have a genuine interest in issues that affect other people. They should be caring and go beyond to assess the situation under which other employees are working from where they can make the right decision. When leaders work hard to achieve great success in their lives, they are likely to succeed.


As a leader, you should be purse driven. There are several issues you will have to deal with. To succeed, according to Vijay Eswaran, you should know your purpose and stay on course. Many leaders who would like to succeed always stick to the best strategies as they look forward to dealing with different issues in their lives. When you have a purpose in life, it becomes easy to deal with a wide range of issues in the business. Always stay active, and it will be possible to avoid stress as you deal with different issues in the community.

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