Stephen Bittel is an alumnus of the Bowdoin College and Miami Law School. When he was in law school, he got the idea of starting a company. Although he completed his law degree, he found work in a local real estate firm. The experience at the firm opened his entrepreneurial eyes, understanding that there were a lot of unexploited opportunities in the industry. He spent most of his time in his home office thinking of ways to bring solutions to the existing problems in the real estate sector. That is where Terranova Corporation was born. Today, Stephen Bittel is one of the most renowned real estate agents. He has worked with prominent organizations such as the bank of America and Morgan Stanley.

Bittel is a believer in starting small and growing your business towards success. Four decades ago, he was flipping houses. Bittel later got the capital to invest in eight real estate portfolios. That was the beginning of a new era for him and his company since he wanted to grow his business and create a real estate firm that would remain relevant over the years.

On a typical day, Stephen wakes up early in the morning and takes a walk on his orchid farm as he sips his coffee. The gym, reading newspapers, and checking on his mails is also his morning routine. He then proceeds to the office where he is the CEO of Terranova Corporation. Every entrepreneur has a recipe for success. Bittel believes that he is where he is today due to integrity, undying self-drive, and care for others. He also urges people willing to start businesses to plan and start on positive net worth. Bittel started his company on negative net worth, which was one of the hindrances of ensuring that he had a balance between his assets and liabilities.

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