When the COVID-19 pandemic came to be, the Canadian government went ahead to respond to the matter in different ways. Some constitutional issues came about amid the pandemic. Some constitutional challenges also arose in court.

Some of the measures put in place include ensuring physical distancing measures, and they have brought about some controversy. Other issues that have posed a major problem include contact tracing through mobile phone data, domestic violence, resource allocation in hospitals, and how legislative powers are distributed within parliament.

In this article, Sujit Choudnry weighs in on the state of the Canadian constitution amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. The Canadian Lifestyle and Lockdowns

When comparing the U.S. and Canada, the municipalities and provinces in Canada have enforced various measures that have led to the closure of businesses categorized as non-essential, Schools and government offices have also been closed down. According to the media, these measures are being referred to as “lockdowns.”

The main issue is that the self-isolation issue violates citizens’ rights, which include freedom of expression, religion, association, and assembly. Nonetheless, the implementation of such measures can be justified in the constitution.

  1. Privacy and Contact Tracing

As the government works on pulling down the lockdowns and reopening public institutions and the economy, contact tracing will ensure that individuals with COVID-19 can be traced easily to ensure the virus does not spread further.

Contact tracing will ensure that the individuals who have come into contact with positive COVID-29 patients are traced and tested. Such individuals should also opt for self-isolation to ensure they have not infected others, depending on whether or not they have contracted the virus.

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