Miki Agrawal has always loved to upend the status quo but is this what resulted in all of the success she achieved? Well, she thinks that it is too soon to say. She came of age in a small town on the outskirts of Quebec & tried her best in every class that she took when she was in high school. This is how she was able to finish in the top ten of her class. As she began to look to the future, she knew she had to find a college that would fit her unique set of skills & she soon stumbled upon Marianopolis.


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She did not like it when she got there & that’s why she decided to leave after a year so she could find a college she liked better. As it happens, this college turned out to be Cornell & Miki Agrawal began to matriculate there in the fall of 98.

As soon as she had got to the top of her class, she opted to carve out a plan for the future of her career. At the turn of the millennium, she went on to walk across the stage & receive her BS. From there, she worked for a bank for a bit but this did not satisfy her in the slightest.

As such, it was only a matter of time before Miki Agrawal quit her job so she could start her own company that came to be known as Tushy. This is a business that helps make new toilets that will revolutionize the way we go to the bathroom. She did not know if she had what it took to run this type of business but it has been going strong for more than half a decade. She lives in the suburbs of the bronx.

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