The law offices of Dean Omar Branham Shirley specializes in helping workers and their families affected by corporate wrongdoing. Taking cases where companies violate safety laws and that results in injuries.


Many years of experience litigating cases for their clients. They offer a free case review for individuals looking for legal services.


The law firm handles cases that deal with catastrophic injury, unpaid wages, and consumer class action lawsuits. They also handle product liability and shareholder liability cases. For more information on what the firm covers, a full list can be found on their website.


Mesothelioma cases are another important area the law firm handles. Cases of mesothelioma are almost always due to asbestos exposure. Cancer that can result can take a long time to develop. Due to these factors, it requires an experienced law firm to handle.


If an individual’s circumstances merit legal action in regards to mesothelioma, the firm can handle most of the work involved with the case. The firm’s website offers answers to common questions for those seeking more information.


Dean Omar Branham Shirley has handled mesothelioma cases as well as many other types of cases for their clients. For those injured and seeking help, the legal route may be the only way available.


The law firm has offices in Dallas and Indianapolis. They can take cases from all over the country.