Having an inventory for all your operations is the best practice for any successful business venture. Developing and making an inventory of all your project and services should be your topmost priority if you remain within a profit market margin. With the advent of technology, people have devised new inventory platforms that have revolutionized the way companies store inventory data.

For instance, the internet has provided a wide platform where companies can access cloud-based inventory storage spaces that can store unlimited data. With such capabilities, many other companies have invested in manipulating and integrating other data analysis software to complement the Cloud Inventory software. For instance, DSI is a cloud-based inventory company that focuses on creating user-friendly inventory interfaces to bridge the gap between manufacturing and customer satisfaction.

For instance, in the latest technological release of the company, the company has integrated its Cloud Inventory with Field Inventory Management bridges the gap between how customer information is received and processed in real-time. This has been done by introducing a Salesforce customer relationship management platform (CRM) that is used to gauge the behavior of clients towards your product.

Salesforce is a Field Inventory software that operates on a mobile phone platform and can be accessed by salespeople on the field. With the integration of Cloud Inventory and CRM, salespeople can access the integrated data of both products and customers and analyze the customer’s response about the product’s performance in the market.

DSI has been instrumental in designing a mobile-based application software that can help organizations analyze the success and movement of the product across the value chain. The DSI has been significant in helping organizations measure their sales by monitoring the movement of goods and products from production to consumption.

The CRM is recognized for its effort in bringing different sectors of the organization into working as a team as they can monitor the performance of their products from a single point. Visit this page for more information.


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