Ryan Kavanaugh owns a social network for sharing videos platform, the Triller, of which Snoop Dog is his partner. The network is currently winning more social media viewers and online fans, especially the young. Ryan Kavanaugh has always fought the system throughout his career, and just like any other good fighter, he keeps getting up.

Currently, Ryan Kavanaugh is focusing beyond the boxing arena and targets global digital advertising. To multiply the effort, he is utilizing the combined forces of Fight Club and Triller. This serial entrepreneur and innovator explain that the primary goal of Web 3.0 is to deliver appropriate content that the viewers can interact with and want to see.

Additionally, the platform allows for a chat during the video, which is an improvement compared to the embedded image or text-based advertising. This method takes all the advertisements to the user bypassing the platform’s restrictions.

With this app, users can come up with music videos, as well as other content. The integrated AI editing tool performs the extra editing work for the user, thus yielding a professional clip. Additionally, Triller users can also apply sounds fits library. Triller predates them all as it contains additional features, including Apple Music and Spotify, compared to other similar apps.

With over 65 million users globally and 250 million app downloads, Kavanaugh’s app can be considered a success. The app partners with superior streaming services and record labels. Celebrity Triller users include Kevin Hart, Marshmello, Alicia Keys, Post Malone, Justin Bieber, and Cardi B.

In 2020, Kavanaugh and Snoop Dogg established The Fight Club shortly after the Roy Jones Jr and Mike Tyson fight. Ryan Kavanaugh says that The Fight Club introduces the edgy entertainment space. And with about 50 camera operators, the event feels cinematic and is a familiar space for some Hollywood producers.