We live in a world of constant change. Businesses are easily disrupted by startups passionate about bringing new ideas to market, and governments can be outflanked by rebels working outside legal frameworks. In an ever-changing environment, leaders need to be able to identify and resolve problems that arise quickly. While this is never easy, it is particularly challenging to remain among the top performers in a competitive environment.

Vik Bansal, CEO of Cleanaway, says that this is why the company has become so successful: “A major secret to our success is our ability to quickly identify and resolve problems.” This skill has helped Cleanaway not only survive but thrive in a tough industry. Bansal has served in a variety of leadership positions across different industries.

According to Bansal, it is always essential for leaders to adopt significant changes to their management style, as it’s the only way to remain relevant: “If leaders don’t evolve, they run the risk of becoming irrelevant. Twenty years ago I had a very different role than I do today.” Bansal has identified several attributes shared by all Cleanaway employees: strong work ethic, collaborative spirit and intellectual curiosity.

He also describes the difference between his approach to leadership and that of a more traditional leader. A leader should always remain flexible, whereas a traditional leader is inflexible. The most successful companies have made great strides in the past few decades because they have adapted to changing circumstances far more quickly than their competitors.

There is never a better time to be a business leader, as long as you’re able to adapt and evolve. With all of the emerging technologies being developed, there will be unique and unexpected opportunities for those willing to take a chance. Vik Bansal is a highly experienced executive who has proven his ability to adapt and innovate. This is why he’s been able to guide Cleanaway so successfully through these turbulent times.

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