Wes Edens, The Visionary Aston Villa Football Club Co-Owner

  After John Terry, a premier league legend decided to leave Aston Villa football club, where he had been serving as Dean Smith’s right-hand man for three seasons, Dwight Yorke, another premier league legend striker who played at the iconic Villa Park for nine years before Manchester United signed him in 1998 for £12.6 million, expressed his interest in replacing […]

Joseph Ashford: CEO Spotlight

Joseph Ashford is the founder of K4 Global, a company that creates innovative products for life’s everyday moments. Joseph was born in Bournemouth, England and spent his childhood on the beaches of Northern Ireland before moving to London at age sixteen. Joseph studied law at University College London but soon found himself drawn to business development and entrepreneurship. Joseph has […]

What You Nee to Know About the Renown Academic Institution Gordonstoun

Gordonstoun is a famous British boarding school. It’s been the alma mater of many high-profile people, including the Queen’s son Prince Charles, who spent five years there from 1951 to 1956. The school has had a strong focus on academic excellence and personal development for over seventy years. The school has been home to many children from around the world […]

Citizen App: A Force For Good In Ensuring Safety

  Citizen App is a public safety app that has gained recognition steadily in recent years. The digital app is predominantly foreseen as a safety network alarming people and law enforcement agencies for potential crimes. The app was first launched in 2016 to allow users to broadcast live videos and report on potential local crimes. Citizen App at its core […]

The Revolution Brought About By Cloud Inventory In Product Marketing

  Having an inventory for all your operations is the best practice for any successful business venture. Developing and making an inventory of all your project and services should be your topmost priority if you remain within a profit market margin. With the advent of technology, people have devised new inventory platforms that have revolutionized the way companies store inventory […]

 Jason Russell on the Logistics Sector

Jason Russell has a background in logistics services and is an investment banker with Sparkasse Bank Malta. He heads up the industrial, Technology, and Software Group for PJ Solomon. Russell spent most of his time on the convergence of technology with various ancient business sectors. Logistics and supply chain-involving the movement of $700 billion of freight across the U.S- is […]

The Law Firm Of Dean Omar Branham Shirley

The law offices of Dean Omar Branham Shirley specializes in helping workers and their families affected by corporate wrongdoing. Taking cases where companies violate safety laws and that results in injuries.   Many years of experience litigating cases for their clients. They offer a free case review for individuals looking for legal services.   The law firm handles cases that […]

Simon Denyer: A Successful Author and Journalist

Simon Denyer is an individual with a breadth of experience as a writer and journalist. He attended Trinity College to learn the ins and outs of economics. The journalist’s professional career spans various parts of the world. As a top-level journalist, Simon has achieved greatness and comprehensive experience in handling the diverse matter. He has further built a name for […]