Triller Founder-Ryan Kavanaugh

Ryan Kavanaugh owns a social network for sharing videos platform, the Triller, of which Snoop Dog is his partner. The network is currently winning more social media viewers and online fans, especially the young. Ryan Kavanaugh has always fought the system throughout his career, and just like any other good fighter, he keeps getting up. Currently, Ryan Kavanaugh is focusing […]

Richard DeVaul – And His Journey To The Top

  As a successful entrepreneur, Richard DeVaul has been involved with several companies. He was director of technology at Apple from 1998-2001. In this role, he worked with Steve Jobs on the launch of products such as the digital hub for music distribution and then later when he became CEO again in 1997. DeVaul then moved on to become CEO […]

Data Systems International Launches The Latest Cloud Inventory

The latest edition of Cloud Inventory® has been released by Data Systems International (DSI ®), a pioneer in stock management technologies. It is a cloud-based stock control solution that allows producers and suppliers to track and control inventories in real-time with unrivaled precision. Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International is a dynamic technology that has the potential to enhance the […]

SF Giants CEO Larry Baer Is Making Significant Contributions Towards The Club’s Performance

Larry Baer is among the leading visionaries in the sports industry. During the 1990s is when he started working for Giants in San Francisco. While working for Giants, a baseball team, he made remarkable efforts directed to assembling novel ownership to allow Giants to continue operating in San Francisco. Additionally, He became SF Giants CEO in 2012. In the first […]

What Miki Agrawal recommends for effective marketing

Miki Agrawal is the founder of TUSHY. The company deals with the manufacture of bidets. The portable bidets can be fitted to any toilet to achieve the desired hygiene after using the toilet. The high quality and portable bidets can be stressful to market because people are not open to discussing materials to do with toilet hygiene. She found a […]

Interview with David Schmidt: The LifeWave Story, the Science Behind It, and How it's Changed My Life

LifeWave has a mission to make the world’s most innovative visual communication system available to anyone, anywhere with a smartphone or computer. David Schmidt’s team is working to give consumers the power to communicate with loved ones faster and at a lower cost. Through the LifeWave app, users can record audio messages or video diatribes to send to each other, […]

Betsy DeVos Bringing School Choice to the American Education System

Betsy DeVos has been very active in political reform in West Michigan and the United States.   She and her husband, Dick DeVos, an influential businessman in Grand Rapids and the region and a former Amway CEO, both support social efforts, including the arts, local leadership, churches and education through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation.   A foremost interest […]