Haroldo Jacobovicz is an established businessperson and a civil engineer from Brazil. He has excellent skills in innovation and information technology. His parents were civil engineers, and his mother was the only female engineer inBrazil while he was young. His parent’s career motivated him to follow the same path and did a civil engineering degree at the Federal University of Parana. Later on, Haroldo Jacobovicz became more innovative beyond the civil engineering career path. He acquired His parents all the vital skills of running a business and decided to become self-employed. In the 1980s, together with the assistance of his three friends, they inaugurated their first company called microsystem.

The main goal was to assist the micro-businesses owners in automating their management of inventory and cash systems. Unluckily, it lasted only for a year; however, it taught the three partners a powerful lesson of selecting the right customers and using the correct business model in the business operations. In 2010, he established Horizons Telecom, a telecommunication company. Currently, a famous supplier uses fiber networks.

In 2013, Haroldo Jacobovicz also added some assets to his investments and purchased a Hard Rock Café from the former investor, however in 2018, he sold the café and decided to focus on the telecommunication sector. In 2020, he introduced Horizons Datacenter to boost connectivity and cloud potential to customers' businesses. It plays a vital role in customers' businesses and customers are giving it a positive rating.

Haroldo Jacobovicz enjoys the impact of his business on people in their companies. In addition, he is active on the Facebook page and responds to any question that clients request. He advises the youth to work hard, take their study seriously, and stay focused on their goal; it will enable them to realize their dreams and succeed.