The latest edition of Cloud Inventory® has been released by Data Systems International (DSI ®), a pioneer in stock management technologies. It is a cloud-based stock control solution that allows producers and suppliers to track and control inventories in real-time with unrivaled precision.

Cloud Inventory by Data Systems International is a dynamic technology that has the potential to enhance the current stock control methods significantly. It will also boost efficiency, income generation, conformity, and optimize the inventory. The mobile-first will be important in monitoring assets, goods, and the stock outside the storage facility.

The technology by DSI Global gives users a unique way to see the condition, position, and validity of inventory at any step in the supply chain. Precise tracking of the inventory is simplified so that it becomes easy for the user. It is built for smartphones, with a user experience that incorporates widgets for evaluating and optimizing supply chain performance.

DSI has over four decades of expertise and understands the value of versatility in a firm’s inventory management and control strategy. Because of that, Cloud Inventory is developed on a dynamic, low-code system that allows customers to integrate cloud-based solutions with their current applications and change supply chain procedures as their company grows.

The software is very flexible and can be applied in various industries, whether engineering, medical, building, or manufacturing. Different companies have different needs, and thus Cloud Inventory can be configured to meet the specific needs of a particular industry.

The launch of the new technology is timely since many companies have to cope with interruptions in supply chain management due to the pandemic. The company’s CEO, Mark Goode, was excited with the launch of Cloud Inventory and described it as a breakthrough technology with limitless potential. He added that the software was ideal for restoring control of the supply chain after unnecessary disruptions. See this page for additional information.


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