LifeWave’s Founder and CEO David Schmidt is a visionary in the field of human potential.

In this article, he talks about the importance of focus and how it can positively impact your success.

He also discusses his personal story of when he achieved a high focus to build LifeWave into today’s thriving company.

Schmidt created health products to improve people’s lives.

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He has been in business for over fifteen years, and he knows how important focus can be when it comes to achieving success. In this article, Schmidt talks about his story and what he did to achieve a high level of focus.

He talks about his journey and how he was able to build LifeWave into the successful company it is today through having a strong sense of purpose and focusing on what matters.

In his twenties, Schmidt found himself with two doctorates and a sense of purpose that he was trying to achieve.

He had worked hard throughout high school and college to get where he was but wasn’t happy because it ultimately didn’t feel suitable for him.

Then one day, on the way home from work, Schmidt learned about an alternative to the typical pharmaceutical approach that he had been taking.

He decided it was time for him to make a change and started focusing on what mattered in life, which allowed him to start LifeWave.

Once you know exactly where you are headed, achieving your goals becomes a lot easier.

Schmidt is an excellent example of someone who achieved more success by focusing on what matters and being clear about his goals for the future.

In this article, he talks more in-depth about how you can apply it to your own life.

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