Despite his humble beginning, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi has proven many people wrong by growing into the successful businessman he is today. The 58-year old is the founder and president of Sial Engenharia, a reputable Brazilian real estate development company situated in Curitiba City, the capital of Panama state. Mr. Arnaldi started as a clerk, working for the Banco Bradesco financial services company. His business journey began when he was just 17 years old, immediately after moving to Maringa.

Venturing into the construction industry was Edenilso’s main dream, and he was determined to one day make it happen. A few months after relocating to Maringa, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi started developing a strong interest in the construction sector. His love for the civil construction business was because the industry was in line with his field of profession. In the 1990s, the Brazilian entrepreneur purchased his first company, the Residential South Seas. It’s interesting to know that this organization grew to become the present Sial Engenharia Company.

During the same period, Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi expanded his company to operate in Panama’s Cascavel City. Due to his excellent performance and the desire to achieve more, Arnaldi continued to work hard in the real estate and construction industry. Luckily, he became the Constructions Industry Union’s president after an election in 2000. While serving as the Union’s president, the renowned businessman gained more experience and offered solutions to different challenges that were facing the industry.

Still, in the 2000s, Edenilso’s company, Sial Engenharia, was recognized as one of the construction industry’s biggest companies. At that time, Sial was already operating in many other states across Brazil. These included Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, and Sao Paulo. Mr. Arnaldi also served as the chairman of the State Chamber of Civil Construction (SCCC) from 2003 to 2004. This was the same period he ventured into farming. Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi grew soy and corn, which fetched him lots of money. Besides taking part in business activities, Rossi played some politics. For instance, he ran for the Federal Deputy of State seat in 2018, where he gathered nearly 35 000 votes.