Gary McGaghey is the Head of Talent Development and Innovation for the Technology Practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers in North America.

Gary McGaghey is a futurist, speaker, and author recognized as one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Most Connected People in 2018. He helps aspiring entrepreneurs, leaders, and future thinkers with his engaging talks, leadership perspectives, and futuristic visions on how technology will shape our future.

Forbes selected him as one of their “30 Under 30” people to watch in 2018. Gary also frequently speaks at conferences such as MOM2025 Live with PlayboyTV’s Dr. Drew Pinsky on 3rd Rock from the Sun on “Future Medicine.” He is a private equity investor who speaks at conferences about the future of the Internet of Things, Blockchain, and AI. Read on to find out more about Gary McGaghey and his work at

Gary is the founder of Singularity University Silicon Valley and has been invited to speak at Fortune 500 companies such as Google, Tesla, Facebook, and Microsoft. He is a serial entrepreneur recognized as a disruptive visionary in Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and blockchain technology. He is a former dancer who has appeared on America’s Got Talent; his passion lies in influencing people to break free from their fears and create a better future utilizing technology.

Gary McGaghey was born and raised in California but currently lives on the East Coast. He is the son of Margaret McGaghey, who was voted “Miss San Diego” in 1965 and is very active in politics by raising money for candidates like Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Gary McGaghey has also done a lot of work to involve his family, volunteering for his mother’s campaign for President and his brother Christopher. This defense attorney helped exonerate Los Angeles’ longest-held inmate. Gary McGaghey has also worked to help with orphanages, working with kids by giving back to their community many times throughout the year. He was raised in San Diego, CA, but now lives on the East Coast.

Gary McGaghey is a Futurist on LinkedIn who believes technology will be the key to helping improve the world’s health and overall well-being. You can follow Gary on LinkedIn here.