When global activist Georgette Mulheir arrived in Haiti in January 2014, she saw shocking exploitation of children by unscrupulous adoption agencies and child traffickers operating in the country, with a massive lack of government regulation at Haiti, country living in a full dictatorship. Over 60 percent of children in orphanages in Haiti are in these unregistered orphanages without any oversight, regulations or transparency, the highest rates in the world. Without government regulation, Georgette Mulheir, some children were being bought, sold or given to traffickers as brides, workers or as sex slaves. Other children were put in child labor camps and forbidden to go outside, starving or being beaten.


Human rights defendant and global activist Georgette Mulheir has been pushing for the creation of a new UN action plan on trafficking and child protection in Haiti, a country in the grips of a disaster relief and development crisis. She is leading investigations of the problem at the country’s largest children’s rights organizations. The centers help thousands of children in the disaster areas recover from their traumas with education, support and care, and it runs the only free psychosocial support programmes in the country. Mulheir’s focus on the human rights of the most vulnerable is winning support for these children, 


Besides, they aid these kids and for their families, and drawing attention to the pervasive exploitation Georgette Mulheir took on these fake orphanages, helped reintegrate the children back into their families, and create anti-trafficking NGOs in Haiti. Over the course of her time as an activist, human rights defendant and legal advisor, Georgette Mulheir has given an in-depth insight into the life and work of these orphanages, examining how they function and how they exploit children’s vulnerability. As a result of her work, global activist Georgette Mulheir has seen an increase in the number of laws and protection mechanisms that are put in place to protect and support child-survivors, not just in Haiti, but in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Georgette Mulheir: Because women are a very powerful force within their families and communities, we can use our voices to not only end the sale of our bodies, but end the sale of human rights of all women and children. We must have a change in mentality in our societies, where we do not put our most vulnerable at the hands of traffickers. In early 2017, Georgette Mulheir came up with an innovative solution that would protect the poor and destitute children while protecting the image of orphanages, helping them to receive public support and to help the Haitian state maintain strong international aid relationships. Georgette Mulheir is currently pursuing legal action to dismantle the fraudulent orphanage networks.