Haroldo Jacobovicz is a man who is passionate about information technology. As a civil engineer, he has been able to come up with many creative ideas that has helped his industry to move forward. He is the founder of the e-Governe Group as well as Horizons Datacenter and Horizons Telecom. He created these companies to focus on solving some of the biggest issues that the information technology sector faced and continues to face.

Haroldo Jacobovicz grew up in Brazil, and his parents were both civil engineers. This inspired him to follow in their footsteps. To do so, he studied at the Federal University of Paran√° but eventually decided that he would rather work in the information technologies industry. He found as much reading material as he could related to future technologies and worked hard to develop his own talents, which have continued to serve him well throughout all of his career.

Haroldo Jacobovicz later went to work with three of his friends. Together, they built a company named Microsystem. Unfortunately, the world wasn’t ready for what their company had to offer, and it was forced to close its doors just one year later. Instead of letting this slow him down, Mr. Jacobovicz continued to focus on doing what he did best, and before long, he was working with larger corporations who understood the potential of what he was creating.

Haroldo Jacobovicz later realized that he would like to go into business for himself. This is when he put together e-Governe, and he continues to work with this company today. He was recently asked how he stays productive in today’s business world, and he commented that he creates effective habits, so he stays present with his work. He feels that it is best for him to devote all of his attention to whatever he is working on and is a man who works from early in the morning to later at night and more