Alex A Molinaroli is one of the unicorns Johnson controls ever had, having spent 34 years in the company and pushing it to greater heights. Throughout his career, authenticity was one of his key-value. He advocated for being the best of your genuine self. He also reckoned that communication is a major success factor that can be catalyzed by outsourcing the services to help upgrade internal communication. Travelling was common to him, and he read books about business and leadership during the trips.

According to Alex A Molinaroli, five fundamental career moves are listed below.

 He targets sales. In his experience in sales, he learned that it’s a good avenue to be a good listener, team member, and leader, which are elements of success.

 He strongly advocated for entrepreneurship or helping someone manage his enterprise by owning yourself. This helps to work under a budget and able to focus on strengths’

 Gain a Global Perspective, Mr. Alex A Molinaroli traveled a lot through which he interacted with various people and cultures. By understanding their vision and goals, one can learn and view the world differently.

 Team. Alex encourages everyone to be a good team member as it’s a step towards becoming a leader. He believed that long learning through the process is better than being in a rush and everyone has a superpower that needs engagement.

 Investment and risk-taking. Mistakes are huge learning opportunities and should not be avoided; understanding what one is good at or enjoys doing is the most advisable investment.

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In conclusion, Alex A Molinaroli valued the place of women in business as they are on the rise, thereby advising towards helping women improve their limits. He also valued the young generation asked what they may be taught since they are the next generation of business leaders.