Pakistan continued its role in the international humanitarian aid program for Ukraine. The international community has played a role in supplying weapons and international aid to Ukraine during its escalating war with Russia. Pakistan’s role as an important part of the international aid program includes providing medical supplies, bedding, and food.

The war in Ukraine has led to the international community coming together to supply important items for Ukraine. The conflict has displaced hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens and created a humanitarian crisis. Pakistan has responded to the crisis with a speedy response to the needs of the Ukrainian people.

Ukraine’s embassy listed the supplies needed in the latest round of aid dispatched by Pakistan. The first flight of a C-130 aircraft left Pakistan on May 31 carrying 7.5 tonnes of aid to Ukraine. The next flight on Friday, June 3 will carry the second batch of supplies totaling 7.5 tonnes.

Pakistan’s response to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine has been speedy, with an initial batch of 15 tonnes of aid dispatched in March. The Pakistan Government has worked quickly to provide a range of supplies for the citizens of Ukraine. The Prime Minister of Pakistan worked to ensure all non-military aid was dispatched efficiently in march and the recent days. To ensure the correct aid was received in Ukraine, the National Disaster Management Authority worked with Ukraine’s embassy in Lahore to react to the crisis. Pakistan’s aid will be used to provide support for women and children who have fled Ukraine to neighboring Poland as refugees.

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