Utility warehouse is an energy-based company that started operations in 2002. The company grew broader in 2013 when it procured two secondary businesses from Npower to become one of the leading firms in supplying energy around the UK.

Today, Utility Warehouse boasts serving more than 650,000 clients under a single umbrella. The company distributes electricity and gas, but it also offers other services like home insurance, residential phones, and broadband. Customers enjoy several benefits by paying a single monthly package. The more the number of services a client subscribes to, the higher the discount they can enjoy.

Utility Warehouse has registered continuous growth for over two decades, thanks to the quality of services and the customer referrals. The firm has built a reliable network, inviting vigilant independent distributors to ease service delivery. The company prioritizes training its partners and providing them with the resources to fuel their business operations. UW runs an annual workshop to help partners gain more skills.

Courtesy of Utility Warehouse, more than 45,000 enjoy the flexibility of earning extra money during their appointed time and without supervision. The company has been on the frontline to assist British citizens in overcoming the financial challenges of Covid19. UW has been compensating its partners for the lost wages.

The primary objective of Utility Warehouse is to provide a less stressful life for its customers with affordable services. Assisting associates to achieve financial and individual goals has been a significant achievement for the UW.

The company’s offices in North London host Over 1400 staff members with skills in customer services, IT, and marketing, among others. UW embraces diversity, and it believes in compensating workers who have shown exemplary performance. The firm has earned admiration from its partners for supporting employees and creating a pleasant working environment.

Today, Utility Warehouse has grown to significant heights, serving its customers better than ever before. It has continued to impact lives positively, and the partners can attest to this.