in the teaching of skills used in foreign exchange trading. The academy was formed in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis de la Torre in New York City to educate, empower, and enrich their customers, who are approximately 250,000. The main objective is to provide consumers with readily available material and interactive training to develop their knowledge, which they can apply when trading.

They use GoLive, an online interactive service, to conduct lessons through presentations of live interactive content by IM Educators. These interactive sessions are unlimited and are one hour long, offered in 13 languages on several days to accommodate all their students in different time zones. Interactive sessions mean that the students can actively participate in training sessions. Additionally, they can access the library for pre-recorded reading material online or through the IM Academy app on mobile.

IM Academy uses academies as its primary learning modules. When registering for a session, a student can buy either of the four academies offered or the Elite Academy package offered at a discounted price because it combines these three academies; FRX, HFX, and DCX. FRX academy teaches the basics of foreign currency exchange and has 76 module videos.

Each module concludes with a quiz test to examine comprehension. Passing each quiz means that the student proceeds to the next video, and this is similar for all academies. HFX academy deals with high-frequency trading and has 95 pre-recorded videos. DCX Academy, on the other hand, teaches about digital currency and uses a 25 pre-recorded material structure. Lastly, ECX teaches about e-commerce and establishing and growing an online business using 450 pre-recorded video materials. This is the only academy package that is not offered in the Elite Academy package. See this page for more information.

IM Academy is dedicated to changing lives through imparting knowledge on foreign exchange trading.


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