LifeWave has a mission to make the world’s most innovative visual communication system available to anyone, anywhere with a smartphone or computer.

David Schmidt’s team is working to give consumers the power to communicate with loved ones faster and at a lower cost.

Through the LifeWave app, users can record audio messages or video diatribes to send to each other, both currently and in the future, anywhere in the world.

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LifeWave is the brand under which David Schmidt and others have applied LifeWave technology.

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The LifeWave Mission is to discover the cure for a blood disorder called Fanconi Anemia.

LifeWave has developed a new blood diagnostic that measures the impact that a substance or process has on a patient’s blood.

This innovative blood test is vital for uncovering potential sources of disease and in the development of effective new treatments for thousands of patients in need.

LifeWave is conducting a clinical trial for the testing of their blood test and is looking to other diagnostic companies and organizations for partnership and funding.

The company seeks to:

  • To revolutionize the hearing health industry by establishing innovative partnerships with well-known pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, and consumer health companies.
  • To innovate hearing health technology, not just for people with hearing loss, but for everyone, and to achieve real breakthroughs.
  • To build a truly unique organization for people with hearing loss and those who serve them.

LifeWave’s unique detection technology uses a unique eye-screening system that stimulates the patient’s cells in order to measure changes in the blood.

The LifeWave mission is to help people know more about their health so they can take control of their lives.

They do this by turning wearable technology into a comprehensive source of data about the health and quality of life of anyone that wears it.

LifeWave’s unique blend of wireless and intelligent sensors is used in wrist bands, ankle bands, and neck bands, making it comfortable and convenient for users to wear every day.

These products are used for clinical research in leading universities and industries and can also be used for medical research by licensed physicians.

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