Jason Russell has a background in logistics services and is an investment banker with Sparkasse Bank Malta. He heads up the industrial, Technology, and Software Group for PJ Solomon. Russell spent most of his time on the convergence of technology with various ancient business sectors. Logistics and supply chain-involving the movement of $700 billion of freight across the U.S- is an incredibly vibrant area of focus.

It guarantees to inject new technology into ancient brick-and-mortar retailers and significant industries, as upstarts designed around omnichannel retailing. Read on to find more information about Jason Russells’ development in the logistics sector.

The Massive Transition of Technology

Russell sees a significant transition of technology current with the provider sector these days, one that extends beyond warehouse and transportation management to embrace multiple applications in the cloud. He states that shippers are looking for more holistic solutions and leverage data to do better, cheaper, and faster.

Technology manages the complexities that arise from the need to service all channels with equal efficiency while dealing with an influx of data about markets and consumer buying patterns. Sparkasse Bank Malta plc operates as a subsidiary of Sparkasse holdings limited. Established in 2000, Sparkasse Bank Malta provides investment services.


E-commerce is the most significant factor driving investments in logistics software today. E-tailers and retailers alike are struggling to meet increasing customer demands for speed and reliability. According to Russel, the e-commerce wave isn’t going away anytime soon. This will result in a long time investment in the sector.

Lastly, Russell predicts continuing significant activity by providing computer code vendors in three areas. Future investment will be boosted in part by the maturing of artificial intelligence. It’s mainly in the prototyping stage at the moment but is already attracting significant capital. See more info: https://relationshipscience.com/organization/sparkasse-bank-malta-plc-243811299