Jesse Willms is a famous Internet marketer, consultant, and internet marketing guru. He founded the digital marketing consultancy agency called Digital Marketing Associates (DMAA). As an entrepreneur and consultant, he has achieved a high degree of success in online business, product sales, and services. He is also very successful in digital media sales as well. At the same time, he is also a good speaker and has written several best-selling books on digital marketing and online advertising.

Today, he has struck out on his own to launch Vehicle History Inc., his own product development business. This company will offer vintage auto data from all around the world to car dealerships, car collectors, antique car dealerships, and anyone else who is involved in this operation. The idea is to offer details to prospective customers from owners of antique cars that are no longer going. The corporation profits from each purchase by assisting the customer in obtaining the details they need.

Jesse Willms has gone out on his own to start a company that will assist other small companies and individuals with the same concept. He is using his experience and enthusiasm for digital media and internet marketing to assist people all around the world in making profits. He is a firm believer in providing high-quality information at a reasonable price promptly. His new venture is expected to breathe new life into the internet advertisement and digital marketing sectors.

In his own words, Jesse Willms is a “self-proclaimed geek and Internet marketer who loves to talk about his passion and point you toward creative possibilities that can improve your life”. At this point, there are no online businesses listed on the Financial Times index. However, he does have his own business, along with others, through Avaya. This will be interesting to follow since there are a lot of people who are into digital marketing who do not seem to be getting much traction. We will have to wait and see if he can take this to the next level.

In his own words, Jesse Willms is “a devoted fanatic of the technology world, passionate about online marketing, and an unabashed geek at heart. I love digital marketing because it allows me to connect my readers to my sites with photos, videos, and text”. Now, there are a few problems with that description, but basically, that’s what he is. It will be interesting to see where he takes it in the future. The exciting thing is that he is very much on the digital marketing bandwagon and is looking forward to the future. If he can get an affiliate site up and running with a decent traffic flow, he could be well on his way to making a decent living on the Internet.