Known as a Go-Getter in the women’s healthcare industry, Laura McQuade has long played a role as an active women’s rights activist. She believes in improving women’s rights and women’s health care. She has been a top leader for Planned Parenthood in New York and many of the Midwestern states for several years but recently stepped down to follow her path, taking the help of Airmedh Consulting.

She has served in influential directive roles throughout her career and taken on challenging positions such as COO, CFO. Just recently, she fulfilled the role of CEO at Planned Parenthood.

Her formidable leadership skills and outstanding strategic planning skills are well-known in the business world. She effortlessly transforms an organization and helps focus the staff members and volunteers toward the primary goal. This new concentrated effort allows the organization to serve better the community it works for. Laura McQuade is an exemplary strategic planner and knows how to focus on the proper divisions to achieve its goals.

What Is She Focused On Now?

Laura McQuade’s current focus is on Airmedh Consulting Services, a company she founded in 2020. Through the firm, she and her staff offer advisory services for high-level administrators in both the nonprofit and profit sectors, especially those who need to focus their attention on their social efforts.

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