Franci Neely collects hats from throughout the globe.

The former partner at Susman Godfrey LLP claimed that Steve Susman offered her some of the greatest business advice she’d ever gotten.

He is highly crucial to her.

He warned her, “Don’t procrastinate.” Neely faints.

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He remarked that perfection is overrated and that excellent work should be done anyway.

Franci Neely says she’s always felt this.

Along with running the Franci Neely Foundation, she is on the boards of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, the Moody Center for the Arts, and the Baker Institute for Public Policy at Rice University.

When Franci Neely chooses to accomplish something, she doesn’t waste any time.

Franci Neely has practically completed her longtime aim of visiting every country around the globe.

Even though her plans were thrown off by the COVID-19 outbreak, she still aims to visit every nation around the globe during the next two years.

She has gone to over 180 different countries.

She recently returned from a vacation to Africa.

” In answer to the question, “What is your perfect vacation?” It’s the last one,” explains Franci Neely.

Franci Neely must maintain her planned flight timings.

When she embarks on a vacation in the future, you can be sure she’ll have her camera nearby to chronicle every moment.

She intends to visit Italy in order to enhance her language studies, notably in Italian and French.

Young people are Franci Neely’s target audience when she campaigns for increased foreign travel. The UT Austin law grad argues that traveling the globe is the greatest way to learn. “Try to be honest. Nothing matches extending one’s knowledge of the globe and its numerous intriguing peoples.

She loves to taste local food and shop at artisanal boutiques wherever she visits.

The space she provides herself means she may bring back unique items and learn about the culture of her vacation places.

The relationships that Franci Neely has established throughout her travels, from the Philippines to Cameroon, have taught her the most.

She made a number of pen pals along the road, and she’s still in contact with many of them.

She was designated one of the 50 most prominent women in Houston in 2008.

Franci Neely also has several friends and godchildren whom she adores.

Her family comprises five grandkids and eight godchildren.

Her primary interests are the well-being of her family and close friends.

She views her many wonderful pals as among her many blessings.

We’re linked to them, too, and I consider myself blessed to have them as friends and family.

Texans are recognized for never taking anything or anyone for granted, a habit that helps them avoid procrastinating.

Now that she has the time, she participates in pen pal connections and global travel.

“May it be recorded of me that she donated to those less fortunate,” she added.

Susman, a former colleague, has suggested that she pushes others not to squander time.

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