IM Academy is the best place to learn about Forex Trading online. The company employs live, interactive content and a library of pre-recorded, app-based information to better inform its customers.

University of Information Management: The Academy was founded in 2013 by Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre, both of whom had extensive experience in the foreign exchange (Forex) market.

They intended to create an easy-to-use online learning platform based on subscriptions. The website provided simple and interactive Forex education.

You could improve your trading skills with this information. IM has grown to provide educational resources to 225,000 paying customers in just eight years.

IM Academy has established local branches in various locations, including International Markets. It will register legal entities when required by law or to assist with risk management or taxes.

The official registration and world headquarters of IM Academy remain in New York. It is proud to be ahead of the curve by employing a remote workforce model.

Because office space and other real estate costs have decreased, the company can hire and retain top talent regardless of where they live.

Company leaders can concentrate on their goal of assisting people in the community to learn. Because of how this Academy is set up, it has been able to keep running smoothly and efficiently.

Products Sold by IM Academy

IM Academy’s courses are, in essence, mini-academies. These institutions have four courses available on the Academy.

Anyone, including current customers and IBOs, can bring in new students by telling others about these online training programs.

Every video course includes videos as well as GoLive chats. During these meetings, students can put what they’ve learned from watching videos into practice.

The videos demonstrate how to study Forex on their own time using IM video lessons and GoLive interactive sessions. Students learn the most during GoLive sessions because they get to practice what they’ve learned about video.


The information taught in these classes is more in-depth than what you would learn by simply watching videos.

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