Ryan Bishti Recap

People spend lots of money on hotels and other travel expenses, and it is the hospitality industry’s job to make sure that customers are happy. What are some of the core pillars for making a hotel successful? Ryan Bishti has compiled a list for us. Here’s what he says: Find a Niche Get creative in finding a niche for your […]

Haroldo Jacobovicz and His Investment Journey

Haroldo Jacobovicz has been involved in businesses for several years. He started investing from an early age. His several years of experience have made him stand out in different sectors of the economy where he invests. Haroldo Jacobovicz is keen on trying new ventures that bring about disruption in the economy. He comes from Curitiba but has embraced the latest […]

The Story of a Brazilian Businessman Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi

When you think of Brazil, what image comes to mind? Sun, sand, soccer, and samba, right? Or maybe the Amazon rainforest and Christ the Redeemer statue? Whether you know it or not, Brazil has a thriving business culture. Many Brazilian business people use their creativity and ingenuity to make business deals. One example is Edenilso Rossi Arnaldi. Arnaldi’s work ethic […]

Spotlight on Stronghold Engineering Inc., a Woman-Owned Construction and Design Company

When Beverly Bailey founded Stronghold Engineering Inc. in 2002, she brought more than two decades of experience in the construction and design industry. What started as a one-woman show has since grown into a thriving woman-owned business that is respected nationwide for its expertise in construction and design. Today, Stronghold Engineering Inc. employs a team of talented engineers and project […]

Mr. Cooper Mortgage Background

Mr. Cooper, previously Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Inc., was created in 1994 to provide servicing and originations in the American homeownership sector. It is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and is also the parent company to Xome, which specializes in technology and data-enhanced solutions in the real estate market. By June 30, 2017, Nationstar had a significant employee base of about 7000 […]

IM Academy The Best You Can Learn With

IM Academy delivers excellent value for money. The quality of customer care is extremely high, as well as the quality of customer support. Trained coaches hold regular training sessions and forums, which can be attended by people from all over the world. These are incredibly beneficial for users who may travel a lot on business or simply want to keep […]

Raffaele Riva

  Being a part of the banking system for over 30 years, Raffaele Riva has in-depth knowledge of the requirements in financial services. Raffaele Riva provides a clear vision of how to manage and promote sustainable growth and, at the same time, foster sound regional development. He is always looking ahead and aiming at enhancing sustainable economic development. Raffaele Riva […]

The Mirabaud Sustainable Art Collection

The Mirabaud Sustainable Art Collection is an art collection that is both ethical and beautiful. They have been a part of the art world for a long time and are now proud to bring the Sustainable Art Collection to the public. The Art Collection is a collection of more than 100 contemporary artworks. The group is divided into three categories: […]